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Scheme Code

Scheme Code Description
0 Free shipping Bills involving remittance of foreign exchange
1 Advance Licence with actual user condition
2 Advance Licence with intermediate Suppliers
3 Advance Licence
4 Advance Release Order
5 Advance Licence for Deemed Exports
6 DEPB-Post Export
7 DEPB-Pre Export
8 Replenishment Licence
9 Diamond Imprest Licence
10 Bulk Licence
11 Confessional duty EPCG Scheme
12 Zero Duty EPCG Scheme
13 CCP
14 Import Licence for restricted Items of Imports
15 Special Import Lincece(SIL)
16 EXport Licence
17 Advance Licence for annual Requirement
18 Duty Free Replenishment Certificate
19 Drawback(DBK)
20 Jobbing(JBG)
41 Drawback and advance Licence
42 Drawback and DFRC
43 Drawback and Sero Duty EPCG
44 Drawback and Concessional Duty EPCG
45 Drawback and Pre-Export DEPB
46 Drawback and Post-Export DEPB
47 Drawback and JBG
48 Drawback and Diamond imprest Licence
49 Drawback and EOU/EPZ/SEZ
50 EPCG and advance Licence
51 EPCG and DFRC
52 EPCG and JBG
53 EPCG and Diamond Imprest Licence
54 EPCG and Replenishment Licence
55 EPCG and DEPB(Post Exports)
56 EPCG and DEPB(Pre-Exports)
71 EPCG,Drawback and DEEC
72 EPCG,Drawback and DFRC
73 EPCG,Drawback and Jobbing
74 EPCG,Drawback and Diamond Imprest Licence
75 EPCG,Drawback and DEPB Post Export
76 EPCG,Drawback and DEPB(Pre-Exports)